Nov 30, 2011

Chicago 6th Most Influential City in the World

Chicago gains in global cities ranking

Chicago is the 6th most influential city in the world according to a recent study. As a Chicagoan we were the 2nd city in the United States in population behind New York. Los Angeles replaced us as number 2 in population. But it is better to be number 6 in the world then second or third in the United States. We followed New York, London, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong. The ranking shows the influence a city has beyond its own borders.

As a Chicagoan I am proud that we are so influential. But I also note that the Chicago Council on Global Affairs was one of the three authors of the study. So there may be a slight bias here. But part of our heritage is to vote early and often, and we accept and ballyhoo the findings. 
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Go, Chicago!!

Thanks to MPHS 66 Alum Albert Linsenmeyer for sharing.

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